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User experience design consultant

Some of the areas in which I have worked at

Traditional Banking

Digital Banking

Fintech Insudstry

Global Satellite Television

Commercial Airlines

Iron and Steel Industry

A little about me

I am a UX consultant with more than a decade of experience working closely with large organisations to improve the user experience of their products and services.

My goal is to effectively address and solve business challenges and user needs to ensure that these organisations not only solve problems, but also maintain their relevance in a dynamic business landscape.


He has a keen eye for detail and a natural talent for transforming complex problems into elegant and user-friendly solutions

Silvia Jarque

Product Development



Redefine and renew all public sites for LATAM.
-Reduce the costs of the subscriber
-Generate self-service.



Redesign the way Tenaris finds all its assets around the world.

Banco Macro

Banco Macro

Unify 9 different portals into a single and consistent experience that includes them all.



Create a financial education app for children using gamification

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