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DIRECTV needed to redefine and renew all public sites for LATAM  based on 3 pillars that have been defined, these three pillars are:

Reduce the costs of the subscriber

Enhance the promotion of the ecosystem of the entertainment environment

Generate self-service.


The main objective was to design a solution that could be applied at a regional level to generate consistency and, on the other hand, to consider the particular needs of commercialization and service present in each country.

Our approach

Based on the three pillars on which the redesign of the portals should be based, after an exhaustive stage of research and analysis, a strategy was designed that included large-scale modifications, mainly in the areas of architecture of information, acquisition flows and look & feel.

My Contribution

● Expert review , interviews, analysis and definition phase.

● Create sitemap, navigation and IA.

● Create low fidelity design Wireframes.

● Create high fidelity design Wireframes.

● Create high fidelity interactive prototypes.

● User testing sessions.

● Document UX improvements, patterns and functionalities .