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Banco macro


The web ecosystem corresponding to Macro bank was composed of 9 portals, which were notoriously different, having been created by 9 different companies and without the use of a common layout.


The main objective was to unify 9 different portals into a single and consistent experience that includes them all.

My approach

After researching and analyzing all the portals, a new navigation structure was defined. It uses hierarchy levels to classify the type of content. The look & feel was unified to generate a concept of unity in all portals.

My Contribution

● Expert review , analysis and definition phase.

● Create sitemap, navigation and IA.

​​​​​​​● Create low fidelity design Wireframes.

● Create high fidelity design Wireframes.

​​​​​​​● Create high fidelity interactive prototypes.

● User testing sessions

● Document UX improvements, patterns, functionalities and look & feel.