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Financially responsible adults. The platform facilitates, rather than replaces, conversations about money and how to best manage it between parents and their childs.


The objective was to design a flexible tool that can work for different age groups and family arrangements. Improve the legacy app by adding the necessary functionalities such as saving goals, chores and budgets.This way, the target was to build a healthy relationship with money and a lasting relationship with the bank for each child.

My approach

The legacy application was basic, almost like an MVP. In the second stage that was in which I participated, the objective was to add functionalities related to the financial education of the children. For that, workshops were held with the aim of defining and prioritizing the new functionalities to be included. Since the target audience was childs / adolescents at the time of design, we could use fresher and more fun patterns.

My Contribution

● Participate in the discovery, analysis and definition phase

● Product Workshops

● Create sitemap, navigation and IA.

● Create low fidelity design Wireframes. 

● Create high fidelity design Wireframes.

● Create design mockups.

● Documentation for, flows, patterns, functionalities and look & feel

● Create low fidelity interactive prototypes

● Create high fidelity interactive prototypes